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InoKem is our conventional product range which brings water-based solutions to formulate eco-friendly decorative coatings.


* InoKem 1105

« The key to Cost-Effective and Performance »

For Indoor wall and Trim.

InoKem 1105 is 74% bio-based (54% on dry resin)

This surfactant-stabilized emulsion combines long-lasting, high-gloss performance characteristics of alkyds with low-VOC and easy-to-use features of waterborne acrylic.

Key performances:

  • Fast Drying mechanism
  • Quick Recoatability
  • Drier Free

Added feature : Leaf Tech technology


* InoKem 1101

"THE Cost-Efficient medium oil Alkyd Emulsion"

Conventional Alkyd emulsion for achitectural coating and wood varnishe.

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