Water-based, bio-based alkyd solutions for Architectural and Wood paints.

-    Pickering Emulsions for Outstanding Performances with extremely Low VOC/sVOC

-    High Performances Alkyd Emulsions

-    Up to 99% bio-based Alkyd Emulsions


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High performances polyurethane modified alkyd dispersions for:.

- PolyUrethane modified Alkyd for metal - Strong adhesion and water/chemical resistance properties

- PolyUrethane modified Alkyd for wood - Good wood firing, water & UV resistance and penetration properties

- PolyUrethane modified Alkyd for decorative coatings - High gloss, good adhesion and high water & chemical resistance.



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Water-based, Eco-friendly solutions for Architectural Paints and Coatings

- Conventional Alkyd Emulsion 

- Self-crosslinking Alkyd Emulsions (Leaf tech technology)   


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SolKem is a solvent range of Alkyds, short, medium and long oil length and thixotropic Alkyds.



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