The Switcher to Sustainability and a brighter future


We work hard to create products for paint and coatings that are the best they can be in every way. Products, that are innovating, easy to use, and highly performing. And the same passion for innovation goes into how we think about environmental responsibility. The notion of sustainable development is the fundamental value that drives our team on a daily basis.

Our company has consolidated a strategy resolutely based on technical innovation and sustainable development and has strengthened its determination to support its customers in their own ecological transition. We help them integrate the change and develop eco-responsible formulas adapted to their positioning, whether they offer, for example, standard paints, single-coat products or washable coatings. Skills development, consulting, experience sharing while respecting non-disclosure agreements, "win-win" collaborations, formulation services, tests and life cycle analyses, the levers are legion to transform "bio-responsible" into a realistic and unavoidable option.

Combining the paint industry and sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental aspects is neither utopian nor a distant and uncertain future. It is a current reality, motivated by the ecological urgency, encouraged by the growing desire of a reasoned consumption, carried by companies convinced of their capacity to free themselves from obsolete schemes.


Painting a 90 m² house (roughly 270 m² of painted wall) requires 27 liters of paint including 8kg of binder. Using Secoia® binder instead of styrene acrylic corresponds with 11,84kg CO2 eq savings (w/o coalescing agent impact): 

⇒ Driving a car for nearly 110km

1km is equivalent to 110g CO²

11062016 Riomaggiore min

Using 1000 T of Secoia® range instead of styrene acrylic corresponds with 1450T CO² eq savings:

⇒ 2735 Route 66 Harley Davidson Road Trips

1 trip is equivalent to 0,53 T CO²

⇒ 1450 Round Trips Paris – New York flight

1 seat is equivalent to 1 T CO²

  13092017 Route 66 Kingman 49 min
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