Ecoat technologies

Over the last 10 years, we have developed best-in-class biosourced polymers that are able to improve air quality and reduce climate change without sacrificing performances. They are manufactured in a world-class chemical cluster allowing the lowest environmental impact and the best cost efficiency possible. Each of our product is the fruit of an extensive R&D work, know-how and expertise we have developed alongside our partners.

Ecoat offers the broadest biobased portfolio of binders in the Coatings industry, which are supplied under four brand names

Solkem Inokem UR® Inokem Secoia®

Solvent-based alkyds including short, medium and long oil lengths resins, but also thixotropic alkyds.

Solkem Product

High performances polyurethane modified alkyd dispersions.

Inokem UR Product

 Water-based, ecofriendly solutions for architectural paints and coatings, including conventional alkyd emulsion and self-crosslinking alkyd emulsions (Leaf Tech Technology).

Inokem Product

Water-based, biobased binders for architectural and wood coatings. This range encompass high performances emulsions with a biobased content up to 99% and can rely on the patented surfactant-free technology (Pickering)

Secoia Product 

Our key markets

Although our polymers are used in numerous additional markets, these are the current key markets we are addressing.

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Decorative coatings

Several water-based resins allow the formulation of environmentally responsible, low VOC and odorless paints and varnishes. Their renewable biobased content can be over 85% for a cost/performance ratio equivalent to that of the best acrylic binders. The formulas have high chemical resistance, rapid hardness development, low tack and low yellowing over time. Secoia® based wall paints offer typical properties largely comparable to those of their conventional counterparts formulated with petro-sourced binders.

Last but not least, 1.5 to 2 kg of CO2 equivalent can be saved for every kilogram of petro-based styrene-acrylic emulsion replaced by a Secoia® binder. If we relate this figure to the decorative paint industry, it represents some 700,000 MT of CO2 equivalent that could be avoided in Europe.

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Anticorrosion coatings

Inokem UR® resins can advantageously replace some solvent-based systems, limiting VOC and petrochemical raw materials. Their adhesion properties on metal, chemical resistance and mechanical performance make them the binders of choice for the formulation of anti-corrosion primers, direct-to-metal coatings or topcoats (possibility of reaching class 3 or 4 as far as anti-corrosion is concerned).

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Wood coatings

Thanks to the Pickering technology, some resins of the Secoia® range can be formulated without surfactants. These are replaced by fine solid particles that adsorb irreversibly at the resin/water interface and stabilize the system. This characteristic brings obvious advantages in terms of water resistance and adhesion and improves the binder reactivity with the associative thickeners used in this type of paint. It also contributes to lowering the cost and VOC content of the formulas and allows for biobased rates up to 99%.

The Inokem UR® range is composed of polyurethane modified alkyd dispersions and has a biobased content of up to 69%. Their characteristics enable to meet the VOC legislation requirements and to offer adequate properties for industrial applications, while maintaining a competitive price level.

Ecoat’s binders also warm up the natural tone of the wood, in contrast to the matting effect observed with conventional acrylic binders. In addition, they offer performance equivalent to the one showed by solvent-based coatings, which are still commonly used in this sector.


Patented innovations

Alongside our disruptive biobased binders, we have also developed and patented innovations, which have made a significant inroad in the green chemistry deployment. These technologies have contributed to what we now call the “smart coatings”.

 Leaf Tech  

Leaf Tech is a patented, trademark registered, technology which enables a drier-free post application crosslinking. 
Some of the benefits of Leaf Tech technology are fast drying allowing a quick second layer of paint, increased open time and high hardness development. 

 logo cleanR  

Clean'R is a patented formaldehyde scavenger technology developed by Ecoat. This air cleaning technology helps manufacturers to create interior paints that have low chemical emissions (VOC) and can trap volatile carcinogenic aldehyde. A good coat using Clean'R technology will not only last for years, but also will improve the indoor air quality of houses, contribute to a better health, and protect the environment.

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