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We are a green polymer manufacturer for the paint industry. Today, the coating industry is not sustainable. We develop bio-based chemistries for the Coatings Industry. 

We want to make the paint industry sustainable through ecofriendly innovations. To be clear we make biobased polymers from renewable raw materials and emulsify it in water. These polymers are the film forming agent and an ingredient of the paint that we sell to the paint producers. As our products are emulsified in water they release no volatile organic compounds in the air and we have been working on the supply and the resin composition / emulsification to offer a biobased product at a competitive price compared to petroleum based ones. 


Ecoat’s strategy is based on a patented technology and has 2 pillars:

- Build a worldwide franchise on innovative bio-based alkyd emulsion

- Build industry partnerships for the deployement of the patented technology outside the alkyd emulsion market.


Some facts of this industry :

- 90% of the paints are not renewable,

- 70% are still solventbased 


As a result we release 210’000 tons of solvent every year into the air in Europe. Whereas in the other side, citizens are asking for ecofriendly solutions.


So it definitely is time to change and Ecoat is willing to be the game changer!

Septembre 2021

European Coatings Show 2021

Salon & Congrès Internationaux | 14 - 16 Septembre 2021


Biobased Coating Europe 2020

Olivier Choulet, CEO of Ecoat, will present “Innovative polymers for sustainable & performing coatings” | June 23rd - 24th 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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